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Special Fasteners
Fastener Description Drawing
Expanding Inserts
with length of 11 + 13 mm
Shelf Support Studs Type BT
with length of 10 + 12 mm
Deco Nails Type ZN 100
in length of 13 mm

In old gold spotted
Further colours and styles on request
Deco Nails Type ZN 100
in length of 13 mm

In bronce renaissance
Further colours and styles on request
Vertex Spring Clip
Available in
differnez sizes. To use e.g. for vehicle seats mattresses and furniture
Cable Clips Type KS
To use with staples type 95
in length of 12 - 16 mm

Available in
two sizes: KS 122 and KS 123
Hog-Ring Staples Type CL 22
in lenght of 12 mm

Hog-Ring Klammern Typ CL Flexibel
in length of 10 mm

CL 24 = 24 mm crown, wire Ø 1,8 mm
CL 26 = 26 mm crown, wire Ø 1,6 mm
Staples Type BCS 31
in lenght of 19 and 22 mm

Available in
galvanized (NK) and stainless steel